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458-28, Mitai, Takachiho
Nishiusuki, Miyazaki 882-1101
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Tony Sugimoto
Owner, CMO

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The best-tasting Shiitake grows on Japanese Sweet Oak.

We were awarded the 2020 Sustainability Award by the Japanese Government, endorsed by Iron Chef Judge Dr. Hattori Yukio, and have Organic, Kosher, and ISO22000 certifications.

600+ local growers cut wild oak trees into logs, cure the logs before introducing shiitake spawn for a two-season harvest. The logs will last 5-7 years before they are replaced, and the wild oak grows back naturally in 15 years. The periodic cutting of trees helps promote better plant undergrowth and water quality. Growers carefully tailor their harvest to meet different weather and micro-climates.

News Releases
Sep 15, 2021

"Shojin Ryori" is the art of Zen cooking, a plant-based approach to simple preparations, with expert attention to quality, wholesomeness, and flavor. Dried Shiitake mushrooms, concentrated sources of Umami, have been the critical backbone of countless Zen dishes. Shiitake can enhance the Umami taste of Vegan cooking.

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