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Pomi Going Out of the Box with New Products

New York, NY, June 30, 2018—Pomi, supplier of 100% fresh Italian tomato products, is extending its line with the introduction of new items and packaging to meet the current needs of retailers and consumers. It is expanding beyond the iconic brick packaging to offer organic and conventional tomatoes, paste and juice in cans, jars and tubes.

“Providing Pomi tomatoes in cans, jars and tubes offers U.S. consumers a more familiar packaging,” stated Umberto Marconi, Vice President of Pomi USA. “Our fans will still be able to enjoy the same great taste of Italy’s finest tomatoes with no added preservatives, and we hope these new options will introduce more consumers to Pomi.”

Pomi is the brand of the Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro. More than 370 farms are members of this cooperative, with farms spread across Northern Italy, but never more than 50 km from processing facilities.  These new products will also include Pomitrace, a modern and unique traceability system that allows consumers to trace the product from the shelf to the field of origin using their phone.

“As consumers seek greater quality, authenticity and transparency, Pomi is delivering on all fronts,” added Costantino Vaia, managing director of the Consortium and President of Pomi USA. “From the seeds cultivated by our growers, to innovative growing and processing techniques that reduce our carbon footprint, to the quality of Italian tomatoes we deliver to the market, we strive to deliver on what customers desire in a brand.”

Pomì’s new products will be unveiled at the Summer Fancy Food Show (Booth #251) in New York City June 30 to July 2 and will be showing up on store shelves and online in the coming months. The full line of new products includes:

Tomato Paste in 4.6 Oz Tube

Organic Tomato Paste in 4.6 Oz Tube

Chopped Tomatoes in 14 Oz Can

Chopped Tomatoes in 14 Oz Can

Organic Chopped Tomatoes in 17 Oz Glass Bottle

Organic Strained Tomatoes in 17 Oz Glass Bottle

Strained Tomatoes in 24 Oz Glass Bottle

Rustica Tomatoes in 24 Oz Glass Bottle

Tomato Juice in 25.36 Fl. Oz TetraPak

About Pomi

Pomì was founded in 1982 in the province of Parma and immediately became an icon thanks to its innovative packaging, the carton brick, which makes the tomato sauce easily recognizable in any country where it is exported. Today, Pomi is synonymous with Italian quality, controlled supply chain, tomato traceability, and sustainability of production and transformation processes. In fact, Pomi tomatoes are grown from selected seeds cultivated by members of the Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro on over 7,000 hectares between Cremona, Parma, Mantua and Piacenza, in Northern Italy. Fields are located at an average distance of 50 km from processing establishments to guarantee the freshest quality.