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Demonstrating the Power of Collaboration to Change the World

[MAPUTO, MOZAMBIQUE, June 2018—] This fall the Sunshine Nut Company is partnering with some of the most amazing food companies in the world to bring to the public the idea that we are better together.

Sunshine Nut Co is blending the goodness of their product with other high-quality, socially conscious products to create great-tasting recipes. By combining the great flavors of multiple products, they demonstrate that working together supports mutual values and benefits customers. Not only will the recipes support a healthy lifestyle for consumers, they will also include stories of transformation in the lives of the farmers, producers, factory workers and communities where the products are sourced.

This new collaborative venture reinforces the premise that consumer purchasing power has the potential to elevate people and impact poverty. It also demonstrates the power of partnership and mutuality in business practices. Sunshine Nut Co, together with other food companies, is working to make a better world for our communities. This is the power of good business!

For more information contact Tracy Green Clark, or meet with her at the Fancy Food Show in New York City June 30, July 1 & 2. Booth #4962.

At the Sunshine Nut Company the only thing that rivals their passion for cashews is their compassion for the poor and orphaned. That’s why founder Don Larson and his wife, Terri, sold all their possessions in the USA and moved to Mozambique to live among those they were inspired to help. Sunshine Nut Co aspires to be transformational in all our practices - from providing a market for local farmers to hiring adult orphans to giving 90% of distributed profits to care for the vulnerable and increase the standard of living in farming communities. They roast and package Sunshine Nut Co cashews where they are grown to capture the fresh, delicious flavor and crisp crunch in every package.